How do Night Lenses compare to glasses or day lenses?

LIFESTYLE CHOICE | Oisin, rugby player

night lenses - orthokeratology - ortho-k sleep contact lens - rugby - Oisin McVeigh

“All sport is a lot easier now. With rugby I have to be observant, to see what it happening on the pitch, which was really difficult when I couldn’t see across the pitch or who the players were! To improve I needed day lenses or sports glasses. I’m a prop so sports glasses are not an option. But I didn’t like the idea of the hassle of day lenses, losing a lens or getting dirt in my lens during a match. Night lenses are perfect”

MYOPIA CONTROL Device Comparison | Teens & Pre-teens
Carolyn, mum of Benjamin (started night lenses aged 13)

Night lenses - orthokeratology ortho-k sleep contact lens - change life - Benjamin surfer square

“Of the 3 Myopia Control devices for children on the market – glasses, day lenses and night lenses – night lenses won hands down for Benjamin. He was smashing his free NHS specs regularly, so the thought of him having expensive glasses was a complete ‘no’ and he also faced the same issues we had of not being able to surf, play sports etc which is why we ditched the specs. The MiSight daytime myopia control lens didn’t appeal as if he has problems with it in school we wouldn’t be there, he’d have to take them out for swimming and have backup specs. His sight instantly stabilised with night lenses, the correction happens while he sleeps and at home if any problems happen (none so far!) and the freedom he feels walking around with nothing in his eyes during the day is priceless!”