Nocturnal™ Night Lenses are contact lenses you wear while you sleep that harmlessly mould the outer cell layer of your eye into the correct shape to give you perfect vision (20/20) when you wake, and all day. No need for glasses or day lenses during the day. It’s a safe and natural process (your eye grows new cells nightly) which wears off daily (unlike laser eye surgery it’s rever sib le) … so repeat every night. Only for < 5.00 short sight (myopia). It’s a process called Orthokeratology (medically known as Ortho K lenses). ‘How do night lenses work?’ explainer video

MYOPIA CONTROL IN CHILDREN: Nocturnal ™night lenses can stop children’s short sight getting worse and help decrease the risks, or even prevent, future eye disease linked to Myopia.